Yahoo! want to compete with YouTube

P(ANSA) – ROMA, 31 MAR – may finally have a rival platform video YouTube, owned by Google, the most famous of the world. According to rumors of American Re / blog code, Yahoo! reported, is planning a site to share video to launch in the coming months through the use of more money for ‘collaborators’. For years, in fact, that produces and puts videos on YouTube complaining about low pay line. Therefore, the Sunnyvale company will try to steal the scene on YouTube, bought by Google in 2006 for $ 1.65 billion. And it is also put in contact with some of the stars and the channels of the site to display the project. The company directed by Marissa Mayer time is trying to be more aggressive in the content sector. In January at the Ces in Las Vegas has launched ‘ News Digest is a magazine, brings in its ranks even Katie Couric, Cbs journalist popular American chain, moved from tv to the web.BRGoogle and Yahoo! follow in the ranking of the most visited in the United States be: after being overthrown by Sunnyvale, Big G has recently assumed the sceptre. According to ComScore, Google in February of 2014 is the first result, while Yahoo! fell to second place.BR/P
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