XP, PA and delayed health

PWindows XP is removed on 8 April and we run the risk of a new ‘Millennium Bug’. The popular Microsoft operating system, as announced by the time of the Redmond company, will no longer receive security updates. But transport networks and the realities of the ATM that stored data, money and safety of millions of citizens is still widespread in the world on pc, PA. And it does not seem to they have been organized. “In Italy there are private and public companies that are put up for a long time, but many others are not.” Especially in public administration, with a critical health situation “: says ANSA by Carlo Mauceli from Messina, Italy Microsoft Official scanning in relation to the Palestinian Authority and the Government.” Windows XP was released in 2001, the company began warning in 2007 that would have ended the “life cycle”./PPHowever it is still widely used. According to the Wsj is present in approximately 10% of the United States Government computers. For ‘turns’ NetMarketShare follows at 35-40% of PCs in the world, while for Engadget is aboard the 95% of ATMs. In Italy, according to Idc, 24% of SMEs use to more than 80% of the Park pc. “The banks are the reality that has passed ahead of others in the migration to another OS,” says Mauceli from Messina adding that ATM and Pos have a deadline postponed “for 2016” from run on Embedded, “a variant of XP”. “In terms of vulnerability, is the greatest risk in the PA,” he adds, with Asl and hospitals who are waiting for all the updates of programs developed on XP, as the Cup.BR/P
pa href=”http://www.ansa.it/sito/notizie/tecnologia/software_app/2014/03/21/XP-in-pensione-rischio-Millenium-Bug_dae76140-a7bb-442b-8f11-c0c11d81e60d.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”View the original article here/a/p

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