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From NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day; October sixteen, 2016:

A Curious Ensemble of Fantastic Options

When John Wesley Powell explored the Colorado River in 1869, he made the primary thorough survey of one of many final clean spots on the map. The expedition started in Might at Inexperienced River, Wyoming, and ended three months later on the confluence of the Colorado and Virgin Rivers in current-day Nevada.

About two months into their journey, the 9 males of the expedition discovered themselves in Glen Canyon. As the lads traveled alongside the serpentine river channel, they encountered what Powell later described in Canyons of Colorado as a “curious ensemble of fantastic options.”

Whereas the partitions weren’t almost as excessive in Glen Canyon as they have been downstream in Marble Canyon or Grand Canyon, the explorers encountered a labyrinth of overhanging cliffs, hanging gardens, sweeping river bends, andnatural arches set amidst a backdrop of colourful buttes and mesas.

“Previous these towering monuments, previous these mounded billows of orange sandstone, previous these oak-set glens, previous these fern-decked alcoves, previous these mural curves, we glide hour after hour, stopping at times, as our consideration is arrested by some new marvel,” wrote Powell.

From above, the view of Glen Canyon is equally arresting. In 2016, an astronaut aboard the Worldwide Area Station took a number of pictures that have been mixed to make this lengthy mosaic. The water has an unnatural shade of blue due to sunglint, an optical phenomenon that happens when daylight displays off the floor of water on the similar angle that a digital camera views it.

One of the crucial outstanding options on this stretch of the Colorado is the Rincon, an entrenched and deserted meander, or loop, within the river. Geologists consider it shaped a number of thousand years in the past when the river reduce straight throughout the ends of the loop and shortened its course by 6 miles (10 kilometers).

The fashionable view is moderately totally different than what members of Powell’s expedition doubtless would have seen. When the Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1963, water ranges started a sluggish rise, submerging most of the geological options—together with an acoustically exceptional aspect canyon referred to as Music Temple—that Powell discovered so compelling. Resulting from drought and the presence of porous rock on this space, it a took a full 17 years for the reservoir (Lake Powell) to succeed in its most capability.

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This mosaic was assembled from pictures taken from the Worldwide Area Station. A model of it was posted here. Caption by Adam Voiland. Instrument(s): ISS – Digital Digital camera

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