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From Mindat.Org Photo Of The Day; October sixteen, 2016:

Quartz (Var: Smoky Quartz): SiO2; Microcline: Okay(AlSithreeOeight)

Locality: Mount Malosa, Zomba District, Malawi

Smoky quartz crystals on microcline from Mount Malosa. The crystals possess roughened steep rhombohedral faces ( in all probability four zero -four 1 ) immediately underneath the common rhombohedral faces of the tip, subsequent to additionally roughened x faces 5 1 -6 1. The x faces are steeper and sit a bit under the steep rhombohedral faces. These are macromosaic quartz crystals as generally seen in pegmatite and miarolitic environments. Dimensions: 38mm x 35mm. Size of crystal within the middle is 27mm. Amir C. Akhavan

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