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From Mindat.Org Photo Of The Day; November 30, 2015:

Azurite: Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2Malachite: Cu2(CO3)(OH)2

Locality: Blueball Mine, Globe, Globe Hills, Globe Hills District, Globe-Miami District, Gila Co., Arizona, USA

Dimensions: 3.1 cm x 2.6 cm. Azurite and malachite. Mario Pauwels collection, Joaquim Callén photo.

Remarkable azurite ball who is completely filled with bright green, hairy and velvet-looking, acicular malachite crystals, who as you can see in the center of the geode are terminated. When you put the two parts of this tiny geode together, you know exactly why they named this locality the Blue Ball Mine. Note also the contrast-rich and extremely sharp defined “border” between the azurite and the malachite. Less than one percent of all the azurite balls who are found at this locality have more or less a nicer “interior” or have formed tiny geodes.

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