What’s Distinctive About Chanthaburi Sapphire?

Chanthaburi Sapphire

Thailand has been a pacesetter within the international corundum commerce because the Nineteen Fifties. Bangkok and Chanthaburi stay necessary remedy and buying and selling facilities regardless that many—although not all—of the nation’s corundum deposits are almost exhausted.

Because the early 2000s, there’s been a small-scale mining revival in Thailand’s Chanthaburi province. Chanthaburi’s sapphire deposits are related to alkali basalts, the place the gems happen as xenocrysts in basalt within the Khao Ploy Waen and Bang Kacha areas. Native farmers companion with miners to work the sapphire deposits and return the land again to agricultural use when mining ceases.

A brand new report from the GIA Laboratory in Bangkok, ‘A Research of Sapphire from Chanthaburi, Thailand and its Gemological Traits’ presents their findings. fifty nine blue/greenish-blue sapphire samples obtained from a miner within the Khao Ploy Waen space, Chanthaburi, have been common to optimize them for LA-ICP-MS chemical evaluation, UV-Vis-NIR and FTIR spectroscopy, and inclusion research utilizing microscopy and Raman spectroscopy.

Thai sapphires resemble gems from different basalt-associated deposits in Cambodia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Australia, Laos and Northern Madagascar. As sapphires from these sources share comparable geologic origins, it’s difficult to discriminate between them. Magnification revealed angular progress buildings, needles, and particles, together with mineral inclusions like plagioclase feldspar, zircon, pyrochlore, monazite, mica, and molybdenyte.

UV-Vis-NIR and FTIR spectra present options typical of basalt-associated sapphires. Though LA-ICP-MS evaluation confirmed a big overlap with the hint aspect chemistry of sapphires from different basalt-associated deposits, the authors determine some general developments that would show useful. Additionally they recommend a mixture of methods—hint-component chemistry and microscopy—may also help separate Thai blue sapphire from Cambodian and Nigerian samples with comparable traits. Nevertheless, the authors word to additional help geographic origin willpower, the connection between inclusions, spectra and chemistry in basalt-associated sapphires wants additional evaluation and research.

The above story is predicated materials offered by GIA.

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