What Pangea would seem like with our present worldwide borders

Pangaea Politica By Massimo Pietrobon

About 300 million years in the past, Earth didn’t have seven continents (or eight in the event you rely Zealandia), however one supercontinent referred to as Pangea, which was surrounded by one ocean referred to as Panthalassa. About 200 million years in the past, the supercontinent started to interrupt up and the world as we all know it at this time began to take form.

The map above is one in every of my all time favourites. It exhibits Pangaea, a supercontinent that existed from 300 million to one hundred seventy five million years in the past, with trendy worldwide borders.

For sure it will make worldwide relations a bit bit extra difficult. Main modifications embrace:

  • The USA now borders a number of new nations together with Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Cuba.
  • Spain now has a land border with Algeria.
  • Italy now borders Tunisia.
  • Greece borders Libya.
  • Brazil borders an entire bunch of latest states from Namibia within the south to Liberia within the north.
  • India now finds itself within the southern hemisphere, proper subsequent to Antarctica.
  • You can stroll from Australia to Tibet (which is not hooked up to China).
  • Whereas China has misplaced Tibet it has gained an enormous quantity of latest coast line.

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To have the ability to zoom in on the map and see extra particulars, click here.


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