Users of the odds of FB 1 trillion by ‘mobile’

PFacebook has reached 1 billion stake and 280 million monthly active users around the world, which attaches to 1 billion mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets. One of the findings from the second quarter 2014 is accounts of social networks that beat the expectations of most qualified analysts. In the same circumstances Mark Zuckerberg announced that Messenger – the application to send messages and recently also called via the web – has surpassed 200 million monthly active users./PPMessenger which is part of the Facebook platform travels parallel to WhatsApp, bought two months ago by Zuckerberg chat and he touched yesterday on the quota of 500 million monthly active users. The ecosystem of Facebook which is becoming larger, also includes the Instagram app that has 200 million monthly active users of photo retouching. By comparison, Twitter currently has 241 million monthly active users.BR/P
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