Twitter like Facebook, here come the ‘tags’

PRace distance between Twitter and Facebook: if social in blue has ‘stolen’ the idea of the hashtag from the microblog, singing site copied ‘tag’ in the photos, is the possibility that those who share a picture to mention one or more friends. The new version of the application for mobile devices and is not the only tactic to photos: a ‘tweet’ if they will be able to insert four, instead of one as it is the case now./PPThe evolution of Twitter starts from the iPhone and then will be extended also to devices with Android operating system and then to the Web page of On the ‘tags’, you can include up to ten people and they have 140 characters of a tweet cannon. If you tag it, you will be notified by a notification./PPIn music, on the other hand, Twitter seems that they have yielded to the current after the closure of the music. For the Wsj, the company is negotiating with Vevo and Sony Music Entertainment to offer short music videos. According to the newspaper, known to Twitter ‘ Beats music, other sequences of service and for a fee, to propose an Alliance.(ANSA).BR/P
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