Twitter is 8 years old and offers first ‘tweet’

PThe first tweet that you’ll never forget: could be the motto of the initiative of Twitter for his eighth birthday: the first 140 characters Twitter was sent on March 21, 2006, but the microblog was launched in July of the same year. The social ‘ thanked to ‘ their community with a new tool that allows us to return to the first tweet from any account, from your vip as Jovanotti and Cameron Diaz. Simply click-in/first-tweet and type a @username./PPThe social network has landed on Wall Street last November at $26 per share. Which is listed on the stock market, the Californian company’s values have more than doubled. According to official data provided by the same Microblogs, there are currently 241 million active users around the world. Those who have access to the platform of mobile devices totaled $186 million shares, more than 70% of the total. In eight years, and after these goals, Twitter just wanted to thank your community with this ‘Amarcord’ Repechage the first tweet. And micro-blogging proposes the hashtag #FirstTweet, a selection of memorable first tweet, a list of eight special accounts (@Montecitorio to @historypic), but also the most interesting thematic profiles, from @TwitterMusic to @TwitterNonprofits).BR/P
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