Top office for iPad on the App Store

PIt was released a few days ago but Office for iPad dominates the ranking of the top apps for the tablet from Apple in the App Store, including the Italian. Microsoft (Word, Excel, Power Point) software package, waited for a long time in version optimized for the iPad, is dotted with immediately ahead in the ranking of download. The trio of the application is free, but only to see and read documents, to modify them or create them you pay an annual subscription of 99 euros./PPThe news was released Thursday by Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new executive director, on the occasion of his debut in San Francisco in an event for the press. After a wait with so many rumors and speculations, the App Store has finally come in the most famous and best-selling in the world productivity suite, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, optimized for the world of Apple. It was released last year on the iPhone and available through subscription to a monthly or annual subscription to Office 365. So far the only tablet that the office was available was surface, launched by the Colossus of Redmond, which however has not recorded very flattering sales. According to analysts it could guarantee transfer to bring office in iPad more than 1 trillion dollars in revenue. But many are waiting to see how many of those who downloaded the application, you will also pay an additional annual fee.BR/P
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