The Feathery Gemstone Seraphinite

Korshunovskoye iron deposit, Zheleznogorsk, Irkutskaya Oblast’, Prebaikalia, Japanese-Siberian Area, Russia

Method: Mg5Al(AlSithreeO10)(OH)eight
Seraphinite is a commerce identify for a specific type of clinochlore, a member of the chlorite group. The darkish inexperienced shade of seraphinite is enhanced by a silvery and feathery shimmer brought on by mica inclusions.

The identify, ‘seraphinite’ comes from a Greek phrase, seraphim, which means a winged heavenly being, due to the feather-like look of the chatoyant fibers within the stone.

With shorter down-like feathery growths main into longer “flight feathers”; the resemblance even spurs fanciful advertising phrases like “silver plume seraphinite.” Seraphinite is usually darkish inexperienced to grey in colour, has chatoyancy, and has hardness between 2 and four on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

The chlorites are a gaggle of phyllosilicate minerals. The identify comes from the Greek phrase for inexperienced, chloros, since most chlorites are inexperienced, although additionally they happen in white, yellow, purple, lavender or black. The most typical chlorite varieties are clinoclore, pennantite and chamosite. There are solely two gem-high quality minerals within the chlorite group, each forms of clinochlore: Seraphinite and kammererite.

The mineral clinochlore was first recognized in 1851 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It has since been found in a variety of different locales within the USA, together with New York, Arizona and New Jersey. Clinochlore may also be present in different nations, together with Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and Italy.

Seraphinite, like the opposite clinochlorites, is magnesium iron aluminum silicate hyroxide. It’s fairly a mushy stone, with a hardness of solely 2 to 2.5 on the Mohs scale. Like all of the chlorites, seraphinite reveals good cleavage in a single course.

Polished seraphinite

When polished, seraphinite shows a pearly to vitreous luster. It has a density of two.fifty five to 2.seventy five, which is roughly the identical vary as quartz or beryl. Its refractive index is 1.576 to 1.599, just like emerald and aquamarine.

Because of its softness, seraphinite is especially a collector’s stone. What makes it of particular curiosity is the silvery chatoyant fibers, which type patterns just like feathers.

The romantic identify and the affiliation of seraphinite with angels has gained seraphinite a status as a therapeutic gem that’s good for nerves and mind cells.

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