That is Truly a Volcanic Rock

Credit score: Causeway Minerals

Reticulite is a volcanic rock characterised by a excessive content material by quantity of bubbles of volcanic fuel that provides as a crosslinked foam.

Reticulitis is shaped when the lava is abruptly cooled, solidifying so quickly that it doesn’t permit the discharge of the gases contained within the bubbles after being ejected by a strong lava supply.  The ensuing materials is a really fragile volcanic glass, during which the quite a few quickly increasing bubbles within the nonetheless-fluid lava interlock and fuse, creating the attribute lattice construction of this rock.

Though it’s typically thought-about a type of basaltic pumice stone , in contrast to true pumice stone, and regardless of its lightness, reticulite doesn’t float on the floor of the water as a consequence of its open bubble construction with partitions a lot thicker than partitions Of the microscopic or sub-microscopic bubbles that predominate in pumice. With a porosity that may attain ninety eight%, reticulitis is the least dense rock recognized on Earth.

It’s so delicate it may be crushed between one’s fingers, and it cannot be anticipated to final lengthy in most geological environments.

A fragile framework of golden reticulite, also referred to as thread lace scoria.
Credit score: Causeway Minerals

Reticulite from KÄ«lauea volcano , Hawaii .
Reticulite Pumice

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