‘Tattooed’ Chip that controls the health

PStart talking now about ‘internet of things’, an expression that describes the fact that all objects, from cars to refrigerators, are connecting to the web, already people internet people. Within less than ten years, Leslie Saxon, Chief of the division of cardiology at the University of Southern California, says children could have their first tattoo after a few hours of life, which contains a microchip that can monitor all vital signs, nutritional status in real time ECG. “The data can be transmitted directly to your smartphone by parents and pediatricians to monitor children’s health in real time,” said the expert./PPIn recent years several prototypes have been presented by chip. The University of Oregon has made as one that can monitor vital signs as large as a stamp, but still a little too often to ‘inject’, while the University of Tokyo has solved the problem of weight and now faces that. The U.S. company has already made a MC10 chip fits on a band-aid, while Italy is available in a couple of months an implantable chip smaller than an AAA battery, which monitors the heart of the patient through the sending of data in real time to the doctor, while the Fda has recently approved an ingeribile of chip monitors the correct intake of drugs. Be used ‘common’ athletes and military devices./PP”27% of the estadounidenses-nota using the expert already some kind of device that measures data from the body and is connected to a network and the natural evolution will be implanted directly into the body. You get to a revolution of human-machine interface: for example sensors to match the of a car for a totally new driving experience “.” The main field of application, says Saxon, health. “With extensive use could solve major problems of health public

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