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Sticking your neck out: How did plesiosaurs swim with such lengthy necks?

When dinosaurs dominated the land, plesiosaurs dominated the oceans. Well-known for his or her extremely lengthy necks — a few of which have been as much as 7 meters lengthy — plesiosaurs have remained an evolutionary thriller for tons of … Continue reading

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Paleontologist finds that ligaments in some dinosaurs’ necks helped them graze more efficiently

Ligaments in the long necks of certain sauropods probably helped them graze more efficiently, according to paleontologists. Paleontology News — ScienceDaily

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Why do we have so few complete, undistorted sauropod necks?

Since I posted my preprint “Almost all known sauropod necks are incomplete and distorted” and asked in the comments for people to let me know if I missed any good necks, the candidates have been absolutely rolling in: The Kaatedocus … Continue reading

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