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Butterflies and plants evolved in sync, but moth ‘ears’ predated bats

A new study cross-examines classic hypotheses about the coevolution of butterflies with flowering plants and moths with bats, their key predators. The findings show flowering plants did drive much of these insects’ diversity, but in a surprise twist, multiple moth … Continue reading

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It is all within the ears: Internal ears of extinct sea monsters mirror these of at the moment’s animals

A brand new research has revealed that an extinct group of marine reptiles referred to as sauropterygians advanced comparable internal ear proportions to these of some modern-day aquatic reptiles and mammals. Paleontology News — ScienceDaily

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In the creating ears of opossums, echoes of evolutionary historical past

Hidden within the improvement of opossums is one attainable model of the evolutionary path that led from the straightforward ears of reptiles to the extra elaborative and delicate buildings of mammals, together with people, animal scientists have found. Paleontology News … Continue reading

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Fossils hold hidden clues on how whales ‘see’ with their ears

Sound is produced by Echovenator, which bounces off prey to create echoes. This illustration shows how these echoes are detected via conduction of vibrations through the mandible and received by the inner ear. Whales’ ultrasonic hearing has surprisingly ancient history, … Continue reading

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