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Dinosaur parasites trapped in one hundred-million-yr-previous amber inform blood-sucking story

Fossilized ticks found trapped and preserved in amber present that these parasites sucked the blood of feathered dinosaurs virtually one hundred million years in the past. Paleontology News — ScienceDaily

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Flirtatious one hundred-Million-Yr-Previous Damselflies Discovered Frozen in Amber

The poor damsel fly was trapped whereas getting his groove on over 100m years in the past CREDIT: DARAN ZHENG It was all going so nicely. one hundred-million-years in the past a male damselfly noticed a possible mate and set … Continue reading

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This one hundred-Million-Yr-Previous Chook Trapped in Amber Is The Greatest We have Ever Seen

Amber miners who found the specimen thought that that they had discovered a “unusual” lizard’s claw, till researchers realized that the foot belonged to a hen from the time of the dinosaurs. The chick was discovered, frozen within the amber … Continue reading

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