Soccer: Moroccan team reconsiders quitting over racism

IMG class=hide alt=”Soccer: Moroccan team reconsiders quitting over racism” src=”” (ANSA) – Rome, March 14 – A soccer team of Moroccan immigrants said Friday it has reconsidered quitting the minor Uisp league in the eastern city of Forli after enduring a steady stream of racist insults. PTo leave would mean that racists have won, said members of the Casablanca team, which earlier complained of enduring insults week after week./PP”We will not withdraw. We remain in the field because otherwise, it would mean a defeat by racism,” said Youssef Laazizi, a defender with Casablanca./PPEarlier in the week, the team announced it was quitting the league because of racism, particularly after an episode when rival fans shouted: “Go back home, Moroccans,” adding other insults during a match against Club Juventinit

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