Sailboat theatre to re-write Odyssey

P(ANSA) – Cagliari, April 24 – A theatre group will travel by sailing boat to 20 ports in 11 countries, from the Baltic to the Mediterranean, in a three-year project to write a contemporary version of Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey”, organisers said Thursday.BR”Meeting the Odyssey,” is an itinerant project that will likely involve as many as nine theatres and four theatre groups, six festivals and six public institutions, according to a presentation by the cada die theatre in Cagliari, the Sardinian capital. Actors, directors and scenographers from all over Europe will embark on a 34-meter-long yacht to participate in the unusual social theatre project. The yacht will stop at 20 ports to generate workshops and performances in theatres and on quays, on board steamers and on other sail boats.BRParticipants will also be guests of major European theatre festivals along the way.BRThe climax of the project will be four large international productions, two in each of the next two years, that will ultimately be staged in Greece in 2016. All four will be brand new plays that will spring from contact with different communities visited by the roving group. In each port the actor sailors will gather stories, videos and eyewitness accounts to be transformed into theatre shows.BR”This is a very real itinerant project recalling the voyage carried out by Homer’s hero,” said Giancarlo Biffi of cada die, one of two Italian companies together with the Limonaia Theatre that won a European competition to join the project.BR”It will be virtually a contemporary rewriting of the Odyssey, using the histories of migrant peoples, loves, fears, wars … we start from the suggestions made by Felice Vinci in his book linking the Baltic sea with Ulysses’ voyage”.BRSome 60 artist sailors will embark periodically on an Estonian yacht. “The scope is to gather shared stories that unite different peoples, and to identify common roots and the sense of belonging to the European Union,” said Biffi. “We want to counterpose the Europe of culture against the Europe of markets”.BR/P
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