Renzi says Italy must emerge from ‘subjugation’ at EU level

IMG class=hide alt=”Renzi says Italy must emerge from ‘subjugation’ at EU level” src=”” (ANSA) – Rome, March 18 – Italian Premier Matteo Renzi said Tuesday that Italy must free itself from psychological “subjugation” by the rest of Europe. P”We have to get out from the subjection in Europe,” he said at a book presentation following meetings on Monday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Let’s stop with this provincial attitude”./PPRenzi’s meetings with Merkel were judged to be a success, with Italy’s fledgling government receiving a powerful vote of confidence from the German chancellor, who praised Renzi’s “courage” in making significant structural changes in Italy’s economy. During the first bilateral meeting between the two since Renzi was made premier last month, Merkel, the head of Europe’s largest economy, said she looked at “all aspects” of Italy’s reforms, adding she was impressed and wished Renzi “a lot of luck”. Still, Renzi has been striking an independent tone and after Monday’s meetings, said Italy’s reforms were designed for Italians and not to win approval from other EU states./PP”Italy must stop thinking reforms have to be done because Brussels or Berlin or other capitals ask us. We’ll do them because they’re right for us,” Renzi said Monday. He continued that tone Tuesday, warning that the European Union itself must become relevant to its citizens or risk losing their confidence and become irrelevant./PP”Either the EU faces the political challenge and invokes policies that return dignity to the (EU’s) role, or we lose,” he said./PPInvoking the economic language of interest-rate spreads between countries that measure investor confidence, Renzi said there is a “spread” between the expectations of citizens and their relationship with European institutions./PPThe evidence of that gap is seen in public opinion surveys that suggest a “tsunami” has blown between the public and EU bodies./P
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