Renzi says ‘certainty’ with election law

P(ANSA) – Rome, April 23 – Premier Matteo Renzi said Wednesday that his government’s new election bill will provide “certainty”.BR”The electoral law will give to the winner the certainty of…responsibility,” Renzi said in a post on his Twitter feed.BR”It would not be like today, when you never know who wins”.BRRenzi also said that it was “strange” that opponents who criticized the way he came to power in February, when as secretary of the Democratic Party he unseated the sitting PD premier Enrico Letta, are also opposed to changing the election process.BR”It’s strange that among those complain…now do not want to make a law that guarantees the (electoral) winner will govern,” he tweeted.BRRenzi’s executive has said it wanted “definitive approval” by the end of September of a new election law to replace the dysfunctional system that was declared unconstitutional in December and contributed to the inconclusive outcome to last year’s general election.BR/P
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