Porque un Ministerio de salud, no informar sobre los riesgos m

P(ANSA) – Turin, March 20 – phones of the inscription “seriously damages health” also on the packaging of the cell, in terms of years displayed on cigarette packs of cigarettes. To ask, in a complaint submitted to the Tar of Lazio, are the Association for the prevention and the fight against the electropollution and a director who, having suffered a brain tumor, won a lawsuit against the Inail. They accuse the Ministry of health have never done to implement an information campaign on the risks associated with the use of mobile phones.BRThe request to put the emphasis on the possible harmfulness of mobile emissions – there is so far no scientific evidence yet non-party by data from the international agency on research on cancer (Iarc): achievement of 1,640 hours of use of the cell phone, which a normal user manages to accumulate in some ten years and an avid in just five years, increases by 40% the risk of developing cancer in the brain.BRThe aim of this action is to force the Health Ministry to establish an information campaign (including the memorandum written in packing that you buy at the store) about the risks of excessive use of cell phone and awareness on the use of headphones and hands-free, allowing you to keep the appliance away from head.BRThe initiative of the Association against ElectroSmog and damage innocent Marcolini, a manager of a company bresciano who became ill from cancer, is followed by the Mr Ambrose amp; Commodo di Torino. Manager Larry won a lawsuit in the Supreme Court for the first time in the world, the judges, in 2012, they have established that there is a correlation between excessive use of mobile phones and certain diseases. “I want to give my contribution to this cause – says Marcolini-. Many people don’t know what risk talking on a cell phone without headphones, or keep it hidden in the pocket of the pants ‘. “BRDemand, the first of its kind in Italy, was notified this morning, as well as the Ministry of health, the environment, education, research and universities and economic development. “In our country the phone is the third lawyers claim the subject more widely used Renato Ambrosio and Stephen Bertone – but its use is not regulated.” Do not want, in a few years, talk of cellphones as a new asbestos or new infected blood, but only that there is a good use, especially for those who can not help it “.” According to Laura Masiero, President of the appellant, “was inevitable was legal, because the Ministry of health has received numerous citations of our Association, but has refused to provide part of a laughable website”. (ANSA).BR/P
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