Piombino to get 250 mn in rehab funds

P(see related) (ANSA) – Rome, April 24 – Some 250 million euros in public money will go towards the rehabilitation of the industrial zone in the Tuscan city of Piombino, officials in Rome said Thursday.BR”The agreement foresees 150 million euros from the Region of Tuscany and 100 million from the government,” Tuscan Governor Enrico Rossi said heading into a meeting with government officials to sign a industrial rehab agreement. The plan however will not keep a local steelworks that employs 2,000 workers from closing. Workers there staged a protest Thursday as the blast furnace was shut down, a day after Pope Francis voiced support for their plight and called on attendants to his general audience not to stand by indifferently. “In our hearts it feels like a death,” said Rossi, who said part of the deal includes severance packages and other benefits.BR”The deal aims to refresh hopes in Piombino…and make it possible to introduce more advanced technology. It’s a necessity that both the government and the region agree upon”.BR/P
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