On Smartphones, more than 147 minutes tv

P(ANSAmed) – Rome, 24 MAR – spend more time on your smartphone that in front of the television. Said it a search of Millward Brown’s AdReaction led multi screen about 12,000 users ‘-is that in addition to the television have access at least to smartphone or tablet – between 16 and 44 years around the world more than 30 countries, including Italy. Every day, according to the study, almost seven hours is in front a screen: 147 minutes on Smartphones, 113, 108 tv on your laptop pc and 50 in the tablet.BRIn keeping with the overall framework of data: on a typical day, our compatriots spend in front of a screen of at least 5 hours: 109 minutes on Smartphones, 89 minutes before tv, 85-minute laptop and 34 minutes in tablet. The use of the mobile phone is practically constant during the day while tele most afternoons.BRIn Italy shows that 75% of the use of various devices to a screen at the same time. The remaining time is instead a simultaneous use of two or more devices. Most access different media at the same time, as the tv and set to the smart phone, to see content not related between them (60%): in particular, to communicate with friends on social networks (40%) and as a filler in advertising (39%). When simultaneous use is relevant content including (40%) is mainly because you are looking at the mobile device information which is transmitted on TV (17%), because we are talking about social media more than what you are seeing on television (16%) or because they are seeking something announced on tv (11%). () ANSA).BR/P
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