New photos of the iPhone 6 is larger than

PBack to talk about iPhone 6 even before the presentation. The network images leaked by the manufacturers of cases demonstrating the larger shape future devices. They have been published by a user of 9to5Mac, the popular American blog: would have been “stolen” from the portal of a Japanese manufacturer of dwellings in possession of molds what could be the future melafonino./PPThe format of the new smartphones, says its also mogul Donald Trump with a ‘tweet’: “I wonder if Apple is mad at me because I make them produce an iPhone with a large screen.” I have heard that, finally, will soon “.”/PPIf you take good pictures, the die shows an iPhone of 6 5s larger, probably with a 4.7 or 5 inches. The device profile is almost identical of the previous model, despite the larger screen.

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