MtGox is a part of the lost bitcoin

P(ANSA) – ROMA, 21 MAR – after filing for bankruptcy, with the furious protests of users, MtGox – platform for the exchange of bitcoin – has found a part of the ‘loot’ virtual coins that said that it had lost, presumably for an attack by cybercriminals. Bitcoin is 200 thousand in a virtual portfolios that the company did not use for a long time. However attractive thousand according to the amount of bitcoins today still more than 286mila euros.BRMark Karpeles, a number of MtGox, announced that the company has recovered 200 bitcoin on an ‘old’ wallets – a digital file that is used to store the ends for the bitcoin and that you can do transactions.BRThat role might have had hackers in loss of virtual currency platform is becoming increasingly less clear. MtGox has never clarified the cause of the failure and petition in bankruptcy of bitcoin in Japan, advanced on 28 February, Karpeles said that behind the loss, it could be a technical problem that had allowed him to make fraudulent withdrawals. After being inaccessible for days, the web site MtGox is back to life only by press officers and allow users to check their credit, without, however, guaranteeing the actual availability of funds. A ‘crisis’ that if on the one hand feeding the skepticism of Government and some analysts, on the other hand does not affect the enthusiasm of the supporters of bitcoin. So much rampant ATM facilities. The last yesterday at the birthplace of the web, the Silicon Valley giants.(ANSA).BR/P
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