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Diamond and Quartz are the birthstones for April.


The name diamond comes from a Greek root, ‘adamas’, which means “that which can not be broken.” Stemming from a Sanskrit root of a similar meaning. The a- dropped off to become the word diamond. In other cases, it remained and became the word adamant, adamantine, or adamantium. Diamonds are known for the their hardness, defining the upper end of the Mohs scale with a 10. They can only be scratched by another diamond, although they can be shattered if struck correctly. Diamonds are completely transparent unless containing impurities. They are best known for their use as jewelry but are also used by the scientific community in the field of optics. Diamonds are simply made of carbon. mineraliety.com/minerals/diamond


The name crystal is actually a reference to Quartz. It derives from the Greek word “krystallos” meaning ’ice”, due to its appearance. Quartz is crystallized silicon dioxide, the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. The uses and historic information about Quartz is incredibly vast. Here are but a few: Glass making, metaphysical healing, computer parts, as an abrasive, hydraulic fracturing (fracking), and of course gem stone collecting. mineraliety.com/minerals/quartz


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