Letter threat to Grasso

P(ANSA) – Palermo, April 24 – Police said Thursday they had seized a threatening letter to Senate Speaker Pietro Grasso.BRThe four page letter was signed “the honest citizens of Palermo” and accused the former national anti-Mafia prosecutor of having “betrayed” the struggle against Cosa Nostra. Also in the envelope was found a small tube of yellow liquid marked “orange”.BRGrasso told reporters that “there are threats to my wife and my family, even speaking of acid thrown in the face and snipers posted near my house capable of hitting a one cent coin”. Grasso was repeatedly threatened in the past by Cosa Nostra, which at one point planned to assassinate him.BROn Tuesday he was at the Teatro Biondo theatre in Palermo for the first night of “After the Silence”, based on Grasso’s last book “Everyone free”.BRThis is a largely autobiographical work in which the former magistrate talks about his commitment to fighting the Mafia and that of his wife, Maria Fedele, who has taught for 30 years in Sicilian schools where pupils are considered at risk of Mafia influence.BR/P
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