KEL 12 raddoppia su Tibet e Nepal, nuova partenza con Nicola Pagano il 30 Maggio

M.V. Year X-Nr 511 of 28.03.2012

This trip is a journey through two lands touching yet completely different: Nepal is water, green, rice, hot, flowers that inghirlandano the sacred figures; the Tibet is stone, turquoise Lakes, the milky white of the endless snowfields, the flickering light of butter lamps in dark temples.

tibet e nepal kel12

Tibet and Nepal-16 DD
“Friendship Highway”.
The road of friendship: Lhasa, Kathmandu

Where for centuries have passed only paths traced by caravans of yaks and by way of the pilgrims was born a travelling road: is the “Friendship Highway“, the so-called “friendship Road” built by common agreement of Nepal and China, to link the two welded by the Himalayan lands cord: Tibet and Nepal.

The road crosses the Tibetan plateau and drops Nepal valleys. This artery opened in 1987 is the leitmotif of KEL 12 travel between cities, countries, the monasteries, the land and the people who have kept the originality of ancient and fascinating Himalayan traditions. Land of farmers, shepherds, land of pastures and fields of barley; lands of hermits, monks, of the Patriarchs, the lands of magic and prayer.

Land of legends and legendary figures. Marpa, Grand Master hermit Milarepa, he left Tibet for India, the mother of Buddhist sacred texts. Descended from the plateau and stayed for months acclimatising at low altitudes, in the Valley of Kathmandu at the stupa of Swayambunath said “autogenerated”. A thousand years have passed and yet the Himalayan people’s spiritual values, grazing valleys away from cities, were, incredibly, almost unchanged.

A: starting May 30 together with Nicola Pagano
Minimum 8 participants
Price per person in double room from Milan from

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