It is female happiness gene

E' femminile il gene della felicita'It is the female gene della welcomes ‘ E' femminile il gene della felicita' for the first time, a new research has identified the gene responsible for the female happiness. The same gene does not exist in men. Scientists at the University of South Florida have identified the link between a specific gene, called Monoamines assidasi (MAOA), with the reactions of the brain to dopamine and serotonin, chemicals related with positive States of mind, such as joy, serenity and happiness. The research is published in the journal progress in Neuro-psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry by August. “A low MAOA gene expression is correlated with serene mood, a high expression is associated with adverse conditions such as alcoholism, aggressive and antisocial behaviors,” explains Chen Henian, head of the Research Department of epidemiology and Biostatistics of the American University. “In men that the correlation is completely absent.” There are probably other neurological mechanisms still unknown but yet different in the male brain ‘. ” The study analyzed the DNA of 152 men, entering in the presence of the MAOA gene in relation to mood and 193. Researchers also advance the hypothesis that the difference between male and female happiness in the brain is undergoing testosterone: “high levels of testosterone in men delete any possible effect of the OMOA gene in mood” precise Chen concludes: “may be that men are happier before adolescence because their testosterone levels are low”. All rights reserved

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