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Chlorargyrite on Cerussite

Locality: Broken Hill Mine, New South Wales, Australia

Formerly called “embolite,” this rare silver-containing species is now officially named bromium chlorargyrite and remains an uncommon chloride of silver and bromine. This is the first major locality and the best, for the material, which dates to the very early 1900s or even prior. On this specimen a botryoidal druse of lustrous, brown bromium chlorargyrite is associated with sprays of white crystals of cerussite to 2.5 cm in length – a highly unusual association and one that lends some aesthetics to the large display specimen! Without question the “embolite” specimens from Broken Hill are the world’s best for the species. Ex. Australian Museum, Sydney collection and accompanied by an older label from the museum (one sees few such labels out of Sydney!) Overall, just a large, display quality rarity from a bygone era of mining here.

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