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Mirabilite, also called Glauber’s salt, is a hydrous sodium sulphate mineral with the chemical components Na2SO4·10H2O. 

It’s a vitreous, colorless to white monoclinic mineral that varieties as an evaporite from sodium sulfate-bearing brines. It’s discovered round saline springs and alongside saline playa lakes. 

Related minerals embrace gypsum, halite, thenardite, trona, glauberite, and epsomite.Mirabilite is unstable and shortly dehydrates in dry air, the prismatic crystals turning right into a white powder, thenardite (Na2SO4).

In flip, thenardite also can take in water and converts to mirabilite.

Mirabilite is used as a purgative within the Conventional Chinese language drugs; in Mandarin, it’s referred to as máng xiāo. Its identify is predicated on the phrase “Sal mirabilis” (Latin for “fantastic salt”) utilized by Johann Rudolph Glauber when he inadvertently synthesized mirabilite.
Mirabilite rime ice types on the salt lake in picture one. 

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