Google now also turns on the computer

P(ANSAmed) – Rome, 25 MAR – Google now, the ‘ Virtual Assistant for giant network debuted in cables of Android mobile devices and iOS, on computers, including Apple Mac, thanks to the integration with the browser of g. large who surf the web with Google Chrome will be able to receive notifications and information (for example, in traffic, climate, a reserved flight status) “before” make the search engine. Not be available only in English but in all languages.BRThe function of Google now is give users information depending on the context, taking into account their searches online, but also its geographical location. A kind of Virtual Assistant is integrated into all new Android smartphone and is available for owners of the iPhone from the Google search engine application. Now, you explain the company on the website dedicated to the help of chrome, disembark, even on PCs, portable or fixed, computer by the browser.BRIn this case as Google suggestions now come in the form of ‘chips’ on weather, traffic, calendar, sports, etc. Some of the notifications is determined by the location of your mobile device if it is switched on. Google now version for desktop computers will be related anyhow that is installed on your Smartphone.(ANSA).BR/P
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