Google Maps puts ‘ time machine’

PTo travel back in time does the film back to the future DeLorean ‘, only Google Maps. Thus the California company after ‘scanned’ oceans, peaks and artistic jewellery from around the world also announces its “time machine”. ” This is a new feature in STRONGStreet View/STRONG, the service to explore level street with 360-degree images, allowing you to see the evolution of some sites in time or just the change of seasons./PPGoogle has collected images of previous assignments, in the years up to 2007, to create a kind of time machine in the world. Clicking on an icon of a new clock that appears in the upper left corner on the street view screen-using Google Maps in the version for computer desktop – you can see the changes in some places. Examples include the Freedom Tower in New York, the stadium for the 2014 in Fortaleza, in Brazil, World Cup but also the area of the Expo in Milan. Active a “digital” schedule relatively recent events but who have had a strong impact on the territory, including natural disasters such as the earthquake in 2011 and the tsunami in Onagawa, Japan.BR/P
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