Geophysicist: Weight of Harvey Rains Triggered Houston to Sink

Houston man Searches Flooded Automobiles

A California geophysicist says the sheer weight of the torrential rains introduced by Harvey has prompted Houston to sink by 2 cm.

Chris Milliner, a postdoctoral fellow at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the California Institute of Know-how, says water weighs a few ton per cubic meter and the flooding was so widespread that it “flexed Earth’s crust.”

He advised the Houston Chronicle that he used observations from the Nevada Geodetic Laboratory and different statistics to measure the drop.

Milliner says it’s going to solely be short-term. As soon as the flood waters recede, there shall be an “reverse elastic response of the crust,” just like leaping on a mattress.

He refers back to the phenomenon as native elastic subsidence and says it is discovered elsewhere that have vital seasonal modifications in water or ice.


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