‘Finmeccanica graft probe could turn up political bribery’

IMG class=hide alt=”‘Finmeccanica graft probe could turn up political bribery'” src=”http://www.mineralmuseum.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/wpid-d2f3e985950589c7d08383147425d63f2.jpg” (ANSA) – Naples, March 25 – Naples prosecutors said Tuesday they are seeking evidence of political bribery in their corruption probe surrounding a new government-funded computerized waste tracking system that led to the arrest of two former officials from State-controlled industrial giant Finmeccanica and two businessmen. PCalled the Waste Tracking Control System (SISTRI), it was commissioned by the environment ministry for use by a Carabinieri military police division in charge of environmental crimes. Finance police said Monday two former officials from State-controlled defense giant Finmeccanica and two businessmen were arrested as part of a probe into allegations of bribery./PPSearches were also being conducted following the house arrest of Lorenzo Borgogni, former director of external relations for Finmeccanica, and Stefano Carlini, former chief operating officer of subsidiary Selex./PPTwo Rome entrepreneurs, Vincenzo Angeloni and Luigi Malavisi, were also arrested as part of the probe./PPPolice said they seized 28 bank accounts and two safe boxes and said that former chairman of Finmeccanica, Pier Francesco Guarguaglini, was also under investigation./PPThe former managers took bribes from secret slush funds, according to prosecutors. They are trying to ascertain whether the money was also used to illicitly fund parties or politicians./P
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