Father of Atari, new Apple may be Italian

P(Santamato tweety)/PP”The next ‘ Apple computer’ may have been born in Italy.” It is important that the Government and the institutions to support new companies and allow them to grow “: Word of Nolan Bushnell, the man who revolutionized the world of video games and founded Atari and that in fifty years of activity has launched the careers of many creative minds, including to Steve Jobs.” And the visionary co-founder of Apple, entrepreneur dedicated his book “who will be the next Steve Jobs? How to find a talent and grow in the company ‘, which comes out in Italy on 28 April for Hoepli. Known for his iconoclastic personality, Nolan Bushnell, this book explains to companies and people who work, how to think different and brave way. Stimulating reading for anyone who tries to turn a company into the next Atari or Apple, but also to build a more creative team or to pursue a career in a world that changes increasingly faster./PP”In Italy there are many companies that are doing an excellent job in the gaming industry, but I am sure that in other areas,” Bushnell says ANSA. ‘Ignore the ratings’, ‘Please choose the scared out and odious people defense’, ‘fairness’, ‘Create a creative chain’, ‘Toast to whistle’, ‘do not depend on accountants’: these are the titles and the current advice that you read about the book of dads Atari. “The most important qualities are the enthusiasm and optimism. In my life I have met many people with these characteristics. However, the problem is that many companies suppress, “says the American engineer and entrepreneur.”I think that there are many areas ripe for innovation, also many to list. But fields, from medicine to education, they need to streamline operations and get better results, said Nolan Bushnell after the release of many projects they are working in the field of technology applied to education through his company ‘BrainRush’./PP”There are many new and young companies that are focused on the future but between ‘big’ Google is more focused on innovation,” said the engineer, born in 1943, which made the history of the gaming industry, but has also diversified its business by investing in a chain of pizzerias. “On the other hand, I see more innovation from Apple, only variations on what has already been created, there are products,” said Bushnell, which brings with it the memory of Steve Jobs, who in Atari in 1974, began his association with Steve Wozniak led to the birth of Apple. “Is the person more workers that I have conocido-ANSA – explains. This quality of a deep knowledge of philosophy and excellent readings. We have had many fascinating conversations about life, family and work. I was very proud of Steve-Bushnell writes in his book. I was part of their success. Neither he nor I thought that creativity can explode in the presence of very strict rules “.”/P
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