Faroe Islands, from next summer to reach from Milan with Atlantic Airways flights.

M.V. year X-Nr the 10.03.2014 772IMG alt=”Isole Faroe” src=”http://www.masterviaggi.it//Thumb/phpThumb.php?src=/UserFiles/Image/isole Faroe.jpgw=450far=Cf=jpg” PAfter the success of last year this summer will again be the Faroe Islands easily reachable by Atlantic Airways direct flights from Milan, who in just four hours will take you in the middle of the North Atlantic. A weekly direct flight from Milan Malpensa departing Saturday from June 28 until August 16./PPIn this land where past and present meet and you can enjoy the atmosphere of days gone by, without, however, renouncing all modern comforts. Welcome to the Faroe Islands, eighteen pearls you erect cobalt waters of the North Atlantic and where 50, 000 inhabitants live in perfect harmony with nature and each other.BRThe Faroe Islands are located just a two-hour flight from Denmark and four from Italy, but a completely different experience. Arrived at Faroe is perceived immediately the pace slowed down and you enter a world forgotten, where children play in the streets and the sheep graze freely on the island year-round, even in the capital./PPThe Faroese people know how to make you feel welcome visitors who land on their ribs, welcoming them with a warmth and rare hospitality. It is likely not to notice immediately the Faroe Islands on the map

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