Facebook grows, becomes in fitness and becomes agent ‘printing’

PFacebook is full of useful, driven by mobile and advertising that grows at faster pace during the last three years, with that on mobile devices to make the lion’s share. Growth in accounts which is accompanied by a growth of society: the social network expands your reach and dives into alignment with the purchase of the application ‘Movements’. And, above all, is ready to launch the ‘its’ ‘Information’ press agency, a subsidiary of News Corp. Wall Street received with skepticism the wave of new Facebook to penalize the title, after a day of ups and downs./PPTo fly in the stock market is the Apple with the quarterly, the boom in sales of the iPhone, the plan’s repurchase of shares and the stock split. These latest measures, reassuring shareholders and reward: repurchase of own shares is increased by 30 billion dollars compared with 60 billion initial and salt of 8% of dividends. Largest buyback plan “is a sign of confidence in the future of Apple,” says CEO Tim Cook, trying to put an end to fears about the braking growth of Apple. A slowdown which – according to the observadores-es obvious, especially compared to the sales of iPad tablet in comparison with competitors. “The iPad has a great future,” points out Cook, explaining how the iPad market share is not a good parameter to evaluate the success of the product.

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