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Anyone know these rocks?
The primary is a inexperienced and black stone with giant sparkly flakes in it.
The second is a pale purple with tiny sparkles and pink column-formed crystals. It additionally has an orange/brown spot on the again that I didn’t get a pic of.

The elongate pink issues seem like tourmalines from the photograph. Often these are discovered related to fluids coming off of a granite. I’m guessing based mostly on the colour these might be in a skarn deposit – perhaps a limestone that received heated when a granite intruded subsequent to it. The granite provides the fluid and boron the tourmalines have to develop. My first check upon choosing up this rock can be to attempt to use the white stuff to scratch one thing metallic – if it may possibly scratch metallic then it’s principally quartz and that is in all probability a pegmatite, grown from the fluids coming off the granite. Should you can scratch the rock with metallic, then it in all probability is a skarn – made principally of metamorphosed limestone.

The primary seems to be as if it’s obtained some zoisite, which is a mineral within the epidote household. It generally happens with ruby, which is what I feel the pink in that rock is. Was the rock notably robust to chop by means of?

The second rock is usually lepidolite (the purple sparkly stuff), and the pink is elbaite tourmaline. Each are Li-wealthy, which, together with crystal measurement, point out that that is in all probability from a pegmatite deposit.

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