Drive and reload House Honda

PAuto system that thanks to maximize energy saving allows you to recharge the electric car, using solar panels on the roof, in two hours and free of charge. Filed in California, it is the first intelligent House created by Honda, based on its experience in the field of generators and other systems of autonomous power supply./PPDesigned and developed as an ‘active’ lab to explore the possibility of developing similar systems, the “intelligent House” by Honda is the area of West Village at the University of California and is inhabited by a family that is part of the urban community of Davis. Available for members of this family will be there, as well as a fully furnished house (green button), even a car Honda Fit – the version of the USA of the Jazz will operate free of charge thanks to the “smart House” Honda power generation systems./PPAs the Casa-laboratorio of Honda achieved a saving of 11 tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere and allow that-due to the difference between the electricity produced and consumed by House (about 13.3 megavatios-horas in a year) a surplus of 2.6 megawatts / hour every 12 months, with a ‘profit’ for an amount of value of

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