Cool gifts for Geology lovers

Many of you may be wondering what to buy a geologist for Christmas/Newtonmas. Below I’ve listed a few suggestions of gifts I think a geologist would like. Feel free to post your own suggestions for gifts in the comments!

Jar of Sand 

Geologists love sand, which is just small bits of rock. So, if you want a gift for the geologist in your family, visit a beautiful beach (one with beautiful white sand or red sand or maybe even black sand) and collect some of the sand. Put the sand in a pretty jar and then write a note explaining where and when the sand was collected. The geologist in your family will enjoy this thoughtful (and affordable!) gift.
Cost: $ 5 to $ 15 for the jar.

Safari Vest

When they work in the field, geologists carry many things: notebooks, pencils, rulers, compasses, GPS devices, bottles of acid, hand lenses, snacks, maps, and so on. Geologists often want easy access to the various items that they carry into the field. Thus, a Safari Vest (a vest with many pockets, usually in a tan or green color) is a perfect garment for geologists to wear in the field. If the geologist in your family does not yet own a Safari Vest (or even if they do– the vests wear out after awhile), consider giving them one for Christmas.
Cost: About $ 50 for a good quality vest

Trilobite Jewelry from Surlyramics

Amy Davis Roth is a talented artist. She makes all kinds of pretty ceramic jewelry- art you can wear, as she puts it! I am particularly fond of Amy’s trilobite jewelry. I think I just might have to order some trilobite jewelry for myself for Christmas… or coax  my fiance (who has yet to buy me a gift, as far as I know) into ordering some for me. You can check out Amy’s trilobite– and other jewelry, much of which is skeptical and scientific– on her website.

Agate Night Lights 

With its natural origins and vibrant colors, agate was once thought to bring good dreams. Made when groundwater passes through air pockets in cooling lava, these gorgeous nightlights by Anna Rabinowicz inspire organic wonder while adding a soft glow to your home. Nightlight made in China. Agate stone from Brazil.  42$

Fossils ($ 4 … to as much as you want)

Even though most geologists don’t actually study fossils, we have a soft spot for it. The easiest place to find fossils is on Ebay – you can get some ammonite fossils starting at $ 4, and you can get some really nice looking ones for about $ 10. However, if you want something more special and maybe some more quality, you can also look for more specialized and/or local sellers – though you can expect the price to go up. here

Geologist T-shirt

Geologists tend to wear fun t-shirts, jeans, and teva sandals to work. CafePress has many great geology t-shirts. Just go to their website and search “geology t-shirt.” Above are few CafePress t-shirts that I like, but there are many others. Go check it out!
Cost: About $ 20-$ 30.

Volcano Mug:

Cost: About $ 20 – $ 30 on ebay
 Geologic Timescale Poster:

Geologic timescale posters can be ordered from a variety of places. For example, the Subcommission for Stratigraphic Information of the International Commission on Stratigraphy has a few timescale posters for sale here.
Cost: $ 10 and up

Large Agate Slab Coasters set of 4

This awesome agate slabs have rubber feet to protect surfaces. They look amazing in any room! Perfect for deco, wedding and make great unique gifts! I use one at my desk in my office and get a lot of compliments, it brightens my mood. I love to look at the beautiful shapes and colors inside the rock.   60$
Meet the owner of SaraReynoldsJewelry. 

Phillip Lim Spring (For females)

Phillip Lim’s collection was inspired by the illustrations in high school geology textbooks.
The more statement-making pieces–like the sweatshirt-shaped mesh top with a geode swath.

Agate Geode Candle Holder

This stunning Agate geode candle holder comes with one tea light. When the candle is lit, this gorgeous crystal glows with such an ethereal and romantic light. It’s the perfect, soft touch of light for your home. 55$
You can order it at : here

Geology Pillow ($ 36)

If you’d like to sleep on geology, literally, then this pillow is absolutely perfect – it features a USGS Digital Satellite Photo, and in my opinion, it’s one of the best presents you can get: it’s useful, pleasant, and scientifically accurate. here

Reference 1  Posted by Evelyn Mervine

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