Cloak, ‘anti-social’ app for iPhone

P(ANSA) – ROMA, 21 MAR – is the first application for the antisocial: is called “Cloak” (cloak), is available for free for anyone who has an iPhone and prevents the user “Download” unpleasant encounters.BRIn practice, layer – started with the slogan of the first ‘asocial’ network – connects to another application such as FourSquare and Instagram, creating a kind of map of where known individuals should be avoided.BR”Prevents former boyfriends, co-workers and acquaintances chatting to no end,” says the advertising of layer. Who uses layer can also add a “flag” in the names of specific people: automatically signs the application at this time when the people involved come.? Cloak, however, works only to track the movements of people using Instagram or Foursquare. At the time – according to media Americans-there are no plans to create an equivalent for Android phones.(ANSA).BR/P
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