Berlusconi ready for ‘humble work’ at elderly centre Monday

P(ANSA) – Milan, April 24 – Silvio Berlusconi on Thursday reiterated that he was happy to do community service at a centre for the elderly, as judicial sources confirmed that the ex-premier is set to start work at a facility near Milan on Monday. Last week a court ruled the media magnate could serve the remaining year of a four-year sentence for a 370-million-euro tax fraud at his media empire by working at least four hours a week at a centre run by the Catholic Sacra Famiglia foundation at Cesano Boscone. “I don’t think taking up a few hours of my time each week for people who are in need will annoy me. I’ll do it willingly,” the three-time premier told State broadcaster Rai in an interview that will be screened later on Thursday. “It’s a big centre. I’ve seen the photos of the gardens, which are very big. There will be lots to do there for someone who likes nature like I do.BR”As for the elderly, I can talk to them about politics, culture and history, but also do more humble things. I’m not scared of them. I hope to bring moral comfort and much besides”.BRBerlusconi also, however, stressed that the conviction was an “injustice” and said he was confident it will be overturned by the European Court of Human Rights.BR/P
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