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PApple asked more than 2 billion dollars in damages to Samsung for alleged violations of some of their patents. The new process between Apple and Samsung will open in the next few hours, and unlike the previous confrontation in court, this time to testify also Google, will be in court for the first time in the battle between Apple and Samsung. The Financial Times reports, noting that Samsung will call some Google engineers explain how they created the Android operating system, which is approximately three-fourths of the smartphones sold last year, anyone who is the development of the iPhone./PPCupertino and the South Korean company return to the Court: the stakes and is larger than the previous round, when American Justice had recognized to Apple for $930 million. The confrontation, this time rotate the newest models of the Samsung Galaxy S III devices including. So if Samsung was found guilty, analysts believe that the Court may impose payment of even bigger than previous products damage because, besides being more recent, have been successful in terms of sales./P
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