An Overview of Earth’s Main ‘Mass Extinction’ Occasions

Most scientists agree that a “mass extinction” occasion is underway with the Earth’s wildlife disappearing at an alarming fee, primarily because of human exercise. Scientists warn overpopulation, overconsumption by the wealthiest and assaults on biodiversity are pushing Earth to its restrict faster than ever earlier than.

However this isn’t the primary time: during the last half-billion years there have been 5 main wipeouts by which nicely over half of dwelling creatures disappeared inside a geological blink of the attention. All advised, greater than ninety % of organisms which have ever strode, swam, soared or slithered on Earth at the moment are gone.

Listed here are the most important die-offs, every displaying up within the fossil report on the boundary between two geological durations:

The first dusk “Ordovician extinction”

When: about 445 million years in the past
Species misplaced: 60-70 %
Possible trigger: Brief however intense ice age

Most life presently was within the oceans. It’s thought that the speedy, planet-broad formation of glaciers froze a lot of the world’s water, inflicting sea ranges to fall sharply. Marine organisms reminiscent of sponges and algae, together with primitive snails, clams, cephalopods and jawless fish referred to as ostracoderms, all suffered as a consequence.

Oxygen depletion in ocean “Devonian extinction”

When: about 375-360 million years in the past
Species misplaced: as much as seventy five %
Doubtless trigger: oxygen depletion within the ocean

Once more, ocean organisms have been hardest hit. Fluctuations in sea degree, local weather change, and asteroid strikes are all suspects. One concept holds that the huge enlargement of flora on land launched compounds that prompted oxygen depletion in shallow waters. Armoured, backside-dwelling marine creatures referred to as trilobites have been among the many many victims, although some species survived.

Volcanic exercise “Permian extinction”

When: about 252 million years in the past
Species misplaced: ninety five %
Potential causes: asteroid influence, volcanic exercise

The mom of all extinctions, the “Nice Dying” devastated ocean and land life alike, and is the one occasion to have almost worn out bugs as properly. Some scientists say the die-off occurred over tens of millions of years, whereas others argue it was extremely concentrated in a 200,000-yr interval.

Within the sea, trilobites that had survived the final two wipeouts lastly succumbed, together with some sharks and bony fishes. On land, large reptiles generally known as moschops met their demise. Asteroid impacts, methane launch and sea degree fluctuations have all been blamed.

The top of archosaurs “Triassic extinction”

When: about 200 million years in the past
Species misplaced: 70-eighty %
Possible causes: a number of, nonetheless debated

The mysterious Triassic die-out eradicated an enormous menagerie of huge land animals, together with most archosaurs, a various group that gave rise to dinosaurs, and whose dwelling relations at this time are birds and crocodiles. Most massive amphibians have been additionally eradicated.

One concept factors to large lava eruptions in the course of the breakup of the tremendous-continent Pangea, which could have launched large quantities of carbon dioxide, inflicting runaway international warming. Different scientists suspect asteroid strikes are in charge, however matching craters have but to be discovered.

Asteroid strike “Cretaceous extinction”

When: about sixty six million years in the past
Species misplaced: seventy five %
Doubtless trigger: asteroid strike

An area rock influence is Suspect No. 1 for the extinction occasion that worn out the world’s non-avian dinosaurs, from T-Rex to the three-horned Triceratops. An enormous crater off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula helps the asteroid speculation.

However most mammals, turtles, crocodiles and frogs survived, together with birds in addition to most sea life, together with sharks, starfish and sea urchins. With dinosaurs out of the best way, mammals flourished, ultimately giving rise to the species — Homo sapiens — that has sparked the sixth mass extinction.


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California Lady Went On the lookout for Gold, She Discovered Diamond As an alternative

A California lady says she discovered a 1½ carat diamond whereas mining gold close to the Sierra Nevada foothills city of Foresthill.

“I used to be like ‘Oh, my god, I discovered a diamond,’  ” stated Jillian Kelly.

Kelly, forty nine, left her Silicon Valley profession to take up mining 10 years in the past and wrote ‘The Miracle Miner: My Life as a Feminine Gold Miner.” The uncut semi-clear pebble-sized stone is about width of a dainty pinky finger.

Whereas comparatively uncommon, “as many as 600” diamonds have been present in California because the 1849 discovery of gold triggered the California Gold Rush, in accordance o the California Geological Survey. Few are of gemstone high quality.

Fearing their dig website will probably be overrun with undesirable friends, Kelly and her mining associate requested The Bee to not disclose the precise location of the discover. Kelly has but to have the stone formally examined or appraised since discovering it earlier in August. A commercially obtainable tester – that are usually deemed dependable – indicated the rock was in reality a diamond. The worth of any uncooked diamond is tough to find out earlier than it’s minimize.

“It does occur round right here,” stated Heather Willis, supervisor of Pioneer Mining in Auburn. “Yow will discover them. Most of them round right here usually are not jewellery high quality.”

As a result of discovered diamonds don’t intently resemble the shiny rock on wedding ceremony bands, many might be tossed by informal miners, stated Don Drysdale, a spokesman for the California Division of Conservation.

“Diamonds present in nature aren’t essentially recognizable as diamonds to most people, so who is aware of what number of have been tossed apart by leisure gold-seekers through the years?” Drysdale stated.

Traditionally, most diamonds present in California are small. The 1983 printing of “Minerals of California” put the most important diamonds discovered within the Golden State at 2 carats, however there have been some large diamonds present in Trinity County. In the course of the Nineteen Eighties, a retired geologist and miner discovered three diamonds of report-breaking measurement, the most important a whopping 33 carats. It was nevertheless, industrial grade high quality and greenish-brown in shade.

Jillian Kelly says a check she carried out exhibits a small gem is a diamond, however it hasn’t been professionally examined. Specialists say diamonds of low high quality are within the area.

The Minerals of California e-book, nonetheless an authority on the topic, famous that forty to 50 diamonds have been recovered from the gravels round Forest Hill, in 1867. Oroville and Placerville are two higher areas in Northern California to seek out diamonds, stated California Geological Survey officers. However, they added, “it wouldn’t be out of the query to seek out one in Foresthill.”

The Only Diamond Mine In the World Where You Can Be the Miner

Kelly and her mining associate have been working their federally accredited mine for about seven years. A number of miles outdoors of Forest Hill, the location as soon as had been mined with hydraulic dredging, earlier than the follow was made unlawful in 1884 due to setting injury. Since then, the location has been picked over by numerous mining outfits.

Right here an historic river flowed south to north hundreds of thousands of years in the past, earlier than tectonic forces created the Sierra Nevada vary.

Their mining course of concerned digging out and processing the cement-like block of rocks on the backside of this historic river. Energy instruments assist her free the rocks, that are then put in a cement mixer for a number of hours to interrupt the fabric into small bits. These bits journey down a sluice field.

“I noticed this clear stone shining again at me, and I appeared and I held it within the mild, and it was glowing at me, and I used to be like ‘Wow, I feel I simply discovered a diamond,’ ” Kelly stated. The run additionally produced two-thirds of an as soon as of gold. Gold is buying and selling at $ 1,281 an oz.

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California Rainbow Obsidian Is a Pure Marvel (PHOTOS)

Colourful obsidian. Photograph: Joseph Martin

Obsidian is dense volcanic glass, often rhyolite in composition and sometimes black in shade.  Obsidian with multicolored iridescence brought on by inclusions of magnetite nanoparticles. Obsidian is usually shaped in rhyolite lava flows the place the lava cools so quick that crystals don’t have time to develop. Glass, in contrast to crystals, has no common construction and subsequently fractures in clean, curved shapes. The intersections of those fractures can type edges sharper than the best metal blades. Because of this, obsidian was utilized by many native cultures to make arrowheads and blades. Even as we speak, surgeons use the knife sharp edges in operations.

That is Rainbow obsidian from Davis Creek, Northern California.

The volcanic deposits discovered within the Warner Mountains are available many varieties. From the sunshine weight pumice typically referred to as “floating rocks” to the dense, glass-like obsidian, the colours and variety are superb. The Warner Mountains are well-known for the number of obsidian and for the 4 mines the place the general public can, with a allow, acquire it.

The 4 minesPink Woman, Lassen Creek Rainbow, Needles and Center Fork Davis Creek – are all situated inside a number of miles of US Hwy 395 in northeast California. Rainbow obsidian discovered on the Rainbow Mine and Center Fork Davis Creek is wanted for its colourful sheen. Pink obsidian from Pink Woman, and the bundles of obsidian needles from the Needles Mine are the preferred. To make the mines much more fascinating, the Needles Mine has deposits of elongated obsidian needles, assume string cheese solely in glass. Ample obsidian deposits guarantee each looker success at discovering this distinctive glass. To seek out the coloured obsidian it is strongly recommended that you simply go on sunny days between eleven a.m. and four p.m., though different hours are okay, you simply need to look more durable.

Spectacular rainbow obsidian blade
(from Davis Creek, California materials) Photograph: Quinn Road

On the Modoc Nationwide Forest, obsidian excavation could also be finished beneath a Free Use Authorization at any of the 4 designated mines. Excavation is allowed at these places solely. The Free Use Authorization permits a customer to gather a predetermined quantity per yr of obsidian for their very own private use.

The Davis Creek Mercantile in Davis Creek supplies maps and permits to the mines, freed from cost. Though 4-wheel-drive automobiles will not be wanted, excessive clearance automobiles are prompt.

Free Use Authorizations can be found at:

  • Modoc Nationwide Forest Supervisor’s Workplace – 800 West twelfth Road, Alturas, CA 96101
  • Warner Mountain Ranger District Workplace – 385 Wallace Road, Cedarville, CA 96104
  • Davis Creek Mercantile – 41942 Freeway 395, Davis Creek, CA 96108

Peppermint stripe Obsidian from Davis Creek. photograph: Scott’s Rock & Gem
Tough rainbow obsidian from Davis Creek. photograph: Scott’s Rock & Gem

This rock had marvelous stripes of wealthy, vibrant colour. photograph: Scott’s Rock & Gem
Davis Creek Ca, Rainbow Obsidian
The bottom at Needle Hill is completely suffering from black and mahogany obsidian cobbles.

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Old Town Creative
Scott’s Rock & Gem

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What Is the Impression of Volcanic Ash on the Ozone Layer?

Volcanic eruptions might end in ozone depletion till 2070 or past, regardless of declining concentrations of human-made CFCs.

The subsequent main volcanic eruption might kick-begin chemical reactions that may significantly injury the planet’s already besieged ozone layer.

The extent of injury to the ozone layer that outcomes from a big, explosive eruption will depend on complicated atmospheric chemistry, together with the degrees of human-made emissions within the environment. Utilizing refined chemical modeling, researchers from Harvard College and the College of Maryland explored what would occur to the ozone layer in response to giant-scale volcanic eruptions over the rest of this century and in a number of totally different greenhouse fuel emission situations. The analysis was revealed lately in Geophysical Analysis Letters.

Earth’s stratosphere continues to be recovering from the historic launch of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and different ozone-depleting chemical compounds. Despite the fact that CFCs have been phased out by the Montreal Protocol 30 years in the past, ranges of chlorine-containing molecules within the environment are nonetheless elevated. Explosive volcanic eruptions that inject giant portions of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere facilitate the chemical conversion of chlorine into extra reactive varieties that destroy ozone.

Researchers have lengthy recognized that when concentrations of chlorine from human-produced CFCs are excessive, ozone depletion will outcome following a volcanic eruption. When ranges of chlorine from CFCs are low, volcanic eruptions can truly improve the thickness of the ozone layer. However precisely when this transition occurs — from eruptions that deplete ozone to eruptions that improve ozone layer thickness — has lengthy been unsure. Earlier analysis has put the window of the transition anyplace between 2015 to 2040.

The Harvard researchers discovered that volcanic eruptions might end in ozone depletion till 2070 or past, regardless of declining concentrations of human-made CFCs.

“Our mannequin outcomes present that the vulnerability of the ozone column to giant volcanic eruptions will probably proceed late in to the twenty first century, considerably later than earlier estimates,” stated David Wilmouth, who directed the analysis and is a challenge scientist on the Harvard John A. Paulson Faculty of Engineering and Utilized Sciences and the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

So, why is that this shift occurring a lot later than beforehand thought?

“Earlier estimates didn’t take into consideration sure pure sources of halogen gases, similar to very-brief lived bromocarbons originating from marine plankton and microalgae,” stated Eric Klobas, lead writer and Harvard chemical physics PhD candidate.

Accounting for these emissions superb-tunes the timing of the shift from eruptions that trigger ozone depletion to eruptions that improve the thickness of the ozone layer. These pure sources of bromine develop into particularly essential within the decrease stratosphere after concentrations of human-emitted CFCs have declined.

“We discovered that the focus of bromine from pure, very brief-lived natural compounds is critically necessary,” stated Klobas. “Even small, half-per-trillion modifications within the quantity of bromine from these sources can imply the distinction between a late twenty first century volcanic eruption leading to ozone column depletion or ozone column enhancement.”

The researchers then explored how a volcanic occasion the dimensions of the Mount Pinatubo eruption, which shot about 20 million metric tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere in 1991, would impression the ozone layer in 2100. The workforce modeled 4 totally different greenhouse fuel emission situations, starting from very optimistic to what’s generally thought-about the worst-case state of affairs.

The workforce discovered that probably the most optimistic projection of future greenhouse fuel concentrations resulted in probably the most ozone depletion from a volcanic eruption. Conversely, within the pessimistic state of affairs by which greenhouse fuel emissions proceed to extend quickly all through the twenty first century, a Mount Pinatubo-measurement eruption would truly result in a slight improve in ozone. The researchers discovered that the colder stratospheric temperatures and better methane ranges on this state of affairs would curb necessary ozone-depleting chemical reactions.

However, this is the kicker: all the above situations assumed that the volcanic eruption would solely inject sulfur into the stratosphere, just like the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo within the Philippines. If the eruption have been to additionally inject halogen-containing chemical compounds similar to hydrogen chloride (HCl) into the stratosphere, the outcomes could possibly be dire.

“If volcanic halogens, that are generally current in giant portions in volcanic eruptions, have been to partition considerably into the stratosphere — in any greenhouse fuel emission state of affairs, at any level sooner or later — it will probably trigger extreme losses of stratospheric ozone,” stated Klobas.

In such a case, america might see a protracted and vital lower in ozone layer thickness — upwards of 15 to 25 % within the highest halogen state of affairs modeled. Even small reductions within the thickness of the ozone layer, which shields the floor of the Earth from DNA-destroying ultraviolet radiation, can adversely influence human well being and different life on this planet.

“These eruptions are extremely uncommon occasions however the risk does exist, as evidenced within the historic report,” stated Wilmouth.

The above story is predicated on Materials offered by Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Unique written by Leah Burrows.

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‘Euro Satan’: Fossil of carnivorous marsupial relative found in E Europe

Scientists have found fossil stays of a brand new carnivorous mammal in Turkey, one of many largest marsupial family members ever found within the northern hemisphere.
Paleontology News — ScienceDaily

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Evaluating the jaws of porcupine fish reveals three new species

Researchers in contrast fossil porcupine fish jaws and tooth plates collected on expeditions to Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil with these from museum specimens and trendy porcupine fish, revealing three new species.
Paleontology News — ScienceDaily

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David Attenborough features new species namesake

A brand new species of damselfly from the Cretaceous interval has been named after the long-lasting naturalist and TV presenter Sir David Attenborough.
Paleontology News — ScienceDaily

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Supervolcanoes: A Key to America’s Electrical Future?

Mica greisen with anomalous lithium content material

Stanford researchers present that lake sediments preserved inside historic supervolcanoes can host giant lithium-wealthy clay deposits. A home supply of lithium would assist meet the rising demand for this worthwhile metallic, which is crucial for contemporary know-how.

A lot of the lithium used to make the lithium-ion batteries that energy trendy electronics comes from Australia and Chile. However Stanford scientists say there are giant deposits in sources proper right here in America: supervolcanoes.

In a research revealed in the present day in Nature Communications, scientists element a brand new technique for finding lithium in supervolcanic lake deposits. The findings characterize an essential step towards diversifying the availability of this invaluable silvery-white metallic, since lithium is an power-essential strategic useful resource, stated research co-writer Gail Mahood, a professor of geological sciences at Stanford’s Faculty of Earth, Power & Environmental Sciences.

“We’re going to have to make use of electrical automobiles and enormous storage batteries to lower our carbon footprint,” Mahood stated. “It’s necessary to determine lithium assets within the U.S. in order that our provide doesn’t depend on single corporations or nations in a means that makes us topic to financial or political manipulation.”

Supervolcanoes can produce large eruptions of lots of to hundreds of cubic kilometers of magma – as much as 10,000 occasions greater than a typical eruption from a Hawaiian volcano. Additionally they produce huge portions of pumice and volcanic ash which are unfold over large areas. They seem as large holes within the floor, generally known as calderas, quite than the cone-like form sometimes related to volcanoes as a result of the big lack of magma causes the roof of the chamber to break down following eruption.

The ensuing gap typically fills with water to type a lake – Oregon’s Crater Lake is a main instance. Over tens of hundreds of years, rainfall and scorching springs leach out lithium from the volcanic deposits. The lithium accumulates, together with sediments, within the caldera lake, the place it turns into concentrated in a clay referred to as hectorite.

Exploring supervolcanoes for lithium would diversify its international provide. Main lithium deposits are presently mined from brine deposits in excessive-altitude salt flats in Chile and pegmatite deposits in Australia. The supervolcanoes pose little danger of eruption as a result of they’re historic.

“The caldera is the perfect depositional basin for all this lithium,” stated lead writer Thomas Benson, a current PhD graduate at Stanford Earth, who started engaged on the research in 2012.

Since its discovery within the 1800s, lithium has largely been utilized in psychiatric remedies and nuclear weapons. Starting within the 2000s, lithium turned the key element of lithium-ion batteries, which at the moment present moveable energy for the whole lot from cellphones and laptops to electrical automobiles. Volvo Automobiles just lately introduced its dedication to solely produce new fashions of its automobiles as hybrids or battery-powered choices starting in 2019, an indication that demand for lithium-ion batteries will proceed to extend.

“We’ve had a gold rush, so we all know how, why and the place gold happens, however we by no means had a lithium rush,” Benson stated. “The demand for lithium has outpaced the scientific understanding of the useful resource, so it’s important for the elemental science behind these assets to catch up.”

Working backward

To determine which supervolcanoes supply one of the best sources of lithium, researchers measured the unique focus of lithium within the magma. As a result of lithium is a risky factor that simply shifts from strong to liquid to vapor, it is rather troublesome to measure immediately and unique concentrations are poorly recognized.

So, the researchers analyzed tiny bits of magma trapped in crystals throughout progress inside the magma chamber. These “soften inclusions,” utterly encapsulated inside the crystals, survive the supereruption and stay intact all through the weathering course of. As such, soften inclusions report the unique concentrations of lithium and different parts within the magma. Researchers sliced by way of the host crystals to show these preserved magma blebs, that are 10 to one hundred microns in diameter, then analyzed them with the Delicate Excessive Decision Ion Microprobe within the SHRIMP-RG Laboratory at Stanford Earth.

“Understanding how lithium is transported in magmas and what causes a volcanic middle to develop into enriched in lithium has by no means actually systematically been executed earlier than,” Benson stated.

The workforce analyzed samples from a variety of tectonic settings, together with the Kings Valley deposit within the McDermitt volcanic area situated on the Nevada-Oregon border, which erupted sixteen.5 to fifteen.5 million years in the past and is understood to be wealthy in lithium. They in contrast outcomes from this volcanic middle with samples from the Excessive Rock caldera complicated in Nevada, Sierra la Primavera in Mexico, Pantelleria within the Strait of Sicily, Yellowstone in Wyoming and Hideaway Park in Colorado, and decided that lithium concentrations various extensively as a perform of the tectonic setting of the supervolcano.

“If in case you have a number of magma erupting, it doesn’t should have as a lot lithium in it to supply one thing that’s worthy of financial curiosity as we beforehand thought,” Mahood stated. “You don’t want terribly excessive concentrations of lithium within the magma to type lithium deposits and reserves.”

Enhancing identification

Along with exploring for lithium, the researchers analyzed different hint parts to find out their correlations with lithium concentrations. In consequence, they found a beforehand unknown correlation that may now allow geologists to determine candidate supervolcanoes for lithium deposits in a a lot simpler method than measuring lithium immediately in soften inclusions. The hint parts can be utilized as a proxy for unique lithium focus. For instance, larger abundance of simply analyzed rubidium within the bulk deposits signifies extra lithium, whereas excessive concentrations of zirconium point out much less lithium.

“We will primarily use the zirconium content material to find out the lithium content material inside about one hundred elements per million,” Benson stated. “Now that we now have a approach to simply discover extra of those lithium deposits, it exhibits that this elementary geological work may help clear up societal issues – that’s actually thrilling.”

The research was revealed within the Nature Communications.

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Distinctive imaging of a dinosaur’s cranium tells evolutionary story

Researchers utilizing Los Alamos’ distinctive neutron-imaging and excessive-power X-ray capabilities have uncovered the inside buildings of the fossil cranium of a seventy four-million-yr-previous tyrannosauroid dinosaur nicknamed the Bisti Beast within the highest-decision scan of tyrannosaur cranium ever completed.
Paleontology News — ScienceDaily

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This is Tips on how to Make Good Diamonds in The Microwave

 (Credit score: Getty Photographs)

Proper now, odds are that one in each 4 diamonds on sale all over the world is a blood diamond – mined in a struggle zone and bought to finance armed battle and civil struggle. And for these eager to avoid such a commodity, it’s turning into almost unimaginable to determine the distinction between a clear and a unclean diamond.

Which is why the marketplace for lab-made diamonds is slowly however certainly rising, providing a less expensive, extra environmentally pleasant, and ethically sound choice that appears simply as fairly as its pure counterpart. “To a contemporary younger shopper, in the event that they get a diamond from above the bottom or within the floor, do they actually care?” Chaim Even-Zohar from Tacy, an Israel-based mostly diamond consulting agency, factors out to Bloomberg Businessweek.

And nope, these synthetic diamonds are nothing like these low cost, lab-grown imitation diamonds, comparable to cubic zirconia – they’ve the very same bodily construction and chemical composition as a diamond that’s been pulled out of the bottom.

The method works by putting a tiny fragment of diamond (referred to as a carbon seed) right into a microwave together with various quantities of a carbon-heavy fuel – methane is mostly used. The fuel combination is heated to very excessive temperatures within the microwave to supply a plasma ball, and inside this, the fuel breaks down and the carbon atoms crystallise and accumulate on the diamond seed, inflicting it to develop.

The method can take as much as 10 weeks to supply a marketable diamond, nevertheless it works so nicely, specialists reportedly want a machine to inform the lab-grown gems aside from pure ones sourced from mines or riverbeds.

Thus far, artificial diamonds make up a tiny fraction of the US$ eighty billion international diamond market, with Bloomberg reporting that in 2014, an estimated 360,000 carats of lab-grown diamonds have been manufactured, whereas about 146 million carats of pure diamonds have been mined.

But when the outcomes of a current survey – which confirmed lower than half of North American shoppers aged between 18 to 35 stated they’d choose a pure diamond – are something to go by, that is set to vary in a rush.

It’s estimated that by 2026, the variety of lab-made diamonds will skyrocket to twenty million carats, with Wal-Mart and Warren Buffett’s Helzberg Diamonds already beginning to inventory the artificial variations.

Not that the mining corporations are prepared to let that slice of the market go with no battle. Bloomberg studies that they gained a serious victory towards the labs again in July when the Worldwide Organisation for Standardisation dominated that their gems needed to be labelled as both “artificial”, “lab-grown”, or “lab-created”, and by no means “actual”.

The businesses behind the pure diamonds are hoping their clients will proceed to be bought on the ‘romance’ of a stone borne from nature, and might be advertising the distinctive historical past of every one over the ‘cookie-cutter’ really feel of the lab-grown diamonds.

However with worth tags as little as half that of pure diamonds – Bloomberg reviews that in a New York jewelry retailer, a 1-carat artificial diamond can value about $ 6,000 there, in contrast with $ 10,000 for a equally sized pure stone – and no moral questions, the demand will certainly be there in some capability sooner or later.

“We’re creating a brand new business,” Vishal Mehta, CEO of IIA Applied sciences in Singapore, which is reportedly probably the most prolific producer of artificial diamonds on the earth, advised Bloomberg. “Shoppers in the present day actually resonate with the thought of an eco-pleasant and a battle-free selection for diamonds. That’s been a sticking level.”

New Form of Carbon Is Harder than Diamond

The above story is predicated on materials offered by Bloomberg Businessweek..

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