Apple tv, iPhone voice command?

PApple Tv, the decoder which is connected to the TV set and allows you to watch movies and streaming programs, may soon have voice Siri as iPhone and iPad. A track, according to specialized sites, is the fact that Cupertino has opened a new section dedicated to Apple Tv on their website. The device with this function can be presented at Developer Conference which will be held in June./PPMeanwhile another clue comes from a developer: has posted on Twitter that the operating system iOS 7.1.1, includes a specific code to support Narrator Siri, in the version of Apple Tv./PPSince the launch, the device has sold 20 million units: the figure has emerged during the quarterly results that has sanctioned a jump in revenue for the Cupertino company. From quarterly showed that 43.7 million were sold by iPhone, iPad, Macs and iPods 16.3 million 4.1 million 2.7 million.BR/P
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