Apple and Facebook Wall Street beat

PThe star of Apple and Facebook shine more than ever, with accounts in the second quarter of 2014 that exceed the expectations of the most qualified analysts. And the surprise is above all the House of Cupertino, who wears an enviable performance against all the Cassandras of Wall Street, those that provided the first crisis of income after a positive streak that extends for more than 11 years./PPSTRONGAPPLE response to SKEPTICS/STRONG. The Group was founded by Steve Jobs, however, scored revenues of 45.6 billion dollars (11.62 dollars to action) against 43.5 billion estimated by experts and an increase of the net profit from 7.1 per cent to 10.2 billion dollars. Truly a remarkable achievement for a company that according to many observers authorized has reached the height of its success, with the perception the best times are now behind us. Tim Cook, group number one responds to skeptics to announce an increase of 8% in dividends ($3,29 action), a division of actions that ensure seven shares for each share of property and, finally, more expansion of 30 billion dollars ‘ buy back ‘, bearing the number of shares repurchased to 130 billion at the end of the 2015 (the original target was 100 billion). In short, Apple seems to be a real offensive, not dispuestoa to relinquish the scepter of the richest in the world company. And while during business hours on Wall Street, the headline on an increase of 8%, already thinks in the news that will come in the fall, mainly the iPhone 6. And it is always the iPhone in tow: 43.7 million sales sold in the second quarter, well above forecasts. While a bit disappointing were the sales of several versions of the iPad: only 16.3 million compared with $19.98 million estimated./PPSTRONGFACEBOOK triples profits and flies/STRONG. Great satisfaction even in the House, where we celebrate Zuckerberg 2.5 trillion dollars of income (34 cents a share) compared with $2.3 trillion (24 cents to action) than expected. Net profit was witnessed 642 million dollars, tripled in comparison to the first quarter. An excellent result after two acquisitions of key to the future of the most popular worldwide social media channels: that of WhatsApp Messenger service and the leader of the virtual reality Oculus. In tow once more tied to advertising revenues, which ensure more resources to face future challenges with other large Silicon Valley Group. The company headed by Mark Zuckerberg has announced a change of guard in the Chair of Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman, who will resign June 1 and will be replaced by David Wehner, former Chief Financial Officer at Zynga. And again in the trade after hours on Facebook title is punctuated above, by more than 3%./P
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