AGCOM: colapso fixed lines

P(ANSAmed) – Rome, 24 MAR – Flex continues to access the fixed telephone network. According to the latest survey of Agcom, in the period October to December 2013 there was a collapse of lines of 730mila on an annual basis, almost double what was observed in the past 12 months (-450mila). Therefore, watch the authority, “it discourages the reduction of fixed lines, as also pointed out in the Caio report, investing in new generation networks”. Telecom shares fell 1.5 percent on the annual basis, while Fastweb has a + 1%.BRAccording to the report, in addition, the market of mobile telephony lines, “in the last two years, it is essentially saturated”, so new customers will win only “rubandoli” our competitors, as evidenced by the operations of porting numbers 3.5 million made on average each quarter. According to Agcom continued the decline of the sim only (- 7.5 million dollars in 2013) voice traffic and the fall of Sms to 76.7 billion (- 20%), for the benefit of the talk.BR/P
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