About Google Glass comes the Italian style of Luxottica

PGoogle is based in Italian style to make it more ‘cool’ new glass: why Google has reached an agreement with Luxottica, world leader in the field of design, production and distribution of luxury sunglasses and sports./PPTogether the two groups will work for the new generation of hyper glasses, and the Italian company will be your experience with the two most famous brands of the Group: Ray-Ban and Oakley. “It is a broad strategic partnership – explains a note of two groups–to create wearable together iconic and innovative devices”. To reach this result, “the two companies will form a team of experts dedicated to the design, development, product engineering and glass instrumentation”, trying to combine fashion and lifestyle “technological innovation”. Ultimately, a fascinating challenge for Big G of Luxottica./PPThe two companies do not start from scratch. Its colaboracion-oficial – and is now playing for at least one year. And the agreement reached after January with Google began working with Vsp Global colossus in the field of lenses, to provide corrective Google glass frames and lenses. “Here there is a problem of fashion rather than a technology-related issue,” said Astro Teller, Director of Google for Google’s glass project: “we must convince people to put a pc on your face”. “I think that we add the war – who has time to unite the skills, knowledge, and strong attention to the quality of the product to give life to a new generation of revolutionary devices.”/P
pa href=”http://www.ansa.it/sito/notizie/tecnologia/hitech/2014/03/25/Su-Google-Glass-italian-style-Luxottica_da496777-51e4-4490-9f0a-1d3ce7f112b4.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”View the original article here/a/p

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